Week 3 Reflection | collaboration

I have found the theme of working with others very useful but quite difficult to engage with as my approach to this course is very much an individual journey. When considering the ideas of Azouulay (2016) who states “The photographic event’s degree zero”. In relation to collaboration. I disagreed to some extent as I felt that the practicioner’s intentContinue reading “Week 3 Reflection | collaboration”

Shoot | Portraits Using Flash

The intent with this shoot was experiment with portrait photography at a junior football club in Manchester. With the issue of spectators at football still being phorbidden. The impact on my project has been significant and severely limited the ability to make work which encompasses a human presence. Having recently watched the lecture with Michelle Sank,Continue reading “Shoot | Portraits Using Flash”

Shoot | Beswick Manchester

For this shoot my intention was to explore an area of East Manchester which houses the Manchester City football stadium. An area of contradiction.  The modern structures of Sport City as it is known, newly built roads, shopping centres and three stadiums, one for the mens football team, another for the women’s team and anContinue reading “Shoot | Beswick Manchester”

Webinar Week 2 | Reflection

On reflection of the first webinar of this module with Cemre I had prepared images from the weeks tasks, the feedback I recieved was that they don’t really reflect my theme of non commercial football. The images were reflective of the places  in and around a football stadium. My intention was to reflect the broaderContinue reading “Webinar Week 2 | Reflection”

Edgeley Park Shoot | Gallery

In response to the re-photography task in week 1 of the Surfaces and Strategies module I decided to revisit Edgeley Park, Stockport. I timed my shoot to coincide with golden hour in order to experiment with a different type of light. I also felt that it was a good opportunity to make some work whichContinue reading “Edgeley Park Shoot | Gallery”