Shoot | Beswick Manchester

For this shoot my intention was to explore an area of East Manchester which houses the Manchester City football stadium. An area of contradiction.  The modern structures of Sport City as it is known, newly built roads, shopping centres and three stadiums, one for the mens football team, another for the women’s team and an athletics track. 

The area really is impressive. However these structures sit amongst some of the poorest residential areas within the city of Manchester. The motivation for this shoot was to hightlght the inequality and difference within the visual landscape. The old and the new, the future and the past. Whenever I visit this area I feel a sense of emptiness, yet I enjoy the expeience of visiting the surrounding area. Eating chips and having a beer before a concert or a football match. 

However when I enter the shiny complex where the stadium sits, the sense of enjoyment wains. Surrounded by mass commercialism, capitolism at its finest. Yet 100 yards away the story is very different. I have no doubt that the people of Beswick have benefitted hugely from this development but the poor social housing still exists in a type of symbiotic relationship. By inclinanation is to feel that the residents of the area deserve better. 

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