Week 3 Reflection | collaboration

I have found the theme of working with others very useful but quite difficult to engage with as my approach to this course is very much an individual journey. When considering the ideas of Azouulay (2016) who states “The photographic event’s degree zero”. In relation to collaboration. I disagreed to some extent as I felt that the practicioner’s intent wasn’t recognised within this sense. I understand that intent usually isnt a collaborative process however in preparing for a project or a study, one is required to to build a framework for collaboration to happen. It is my argument that this stage of pre collaboration needs to be recognised and highlighted. 

In terms of collaboration on the weekly forums, I had a useful discussion with a fellow student. It was interesting to share our methodologies. As reslt I felt that my work project work was quite basic and provoked further reflection of the non league football project I am undertaking as I am currently colaborating with a local junior football club. I have used this space to apply knowledge of feedback I received from Michelle regarding my approach to portrait photography. I feel the I am improving in this area but at present I am struggling to find the connection between the work I am creating at the moment with the work I have created in the previous modules. I feel further research is required in this area. I previously researched Julian Germain ’Football in Wonderland’ which has a disjointed narrative contained within the broader context of football. I will look closer at this text in order to develop the philosophical reasons for my project. Lockdown has ensured the fandom element of my work to come to a standstill. At the same time it has provided an opportunity to consider different perspectives of the broader theme of football and the noncommercial part of the game. 

My current reading is in the direction of philosophical approaches that oppose progressive technology and the idea of technology replacing the idea of ‘being there’. The lived experience and interaction with people, places and objects. This I am finding is useful with regard to my previous justification of the project as a piece of activism. I always felt that the subjects encompassed within my work are reacting against the modern cmmercialised game. The people who choose to consume the lived experience as opposed to the digital experience of TV, social media and the attention economy of opinions based on other opinions without ever being there. 

All things considered at this time. I feel that I need to cultivate the philosophical reasoning for my project with a positive message in mind. Most football fans consume the game in digital format in one shape or another. Attacking this as a form of activism through my project would be cynical and counterproductive. Therefore I feel it is important to have a positive message of which I feel the idea of ‘being there’ will encompass the celebration of physical experience and humanity. Further research needed to cultivate.

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