Preparation for WIPP

Figure 1 is a visualisation of the arrival of my Dad to take me to a game. Usually 5 minutes late with only a general idea of where we were going. The journey wasn’t always straight forward. Getting in the car, I would sense my Dad checking me out to assess whether he thought I’dContinue reading “Preparation for WIPP”

Shoot Gallery | The Cafe

In pursuit of getting closer to my project in an emotional sense I decided to go to the local cafe which is hugely significant in a personal sense because outside of the football realm, this is the place I spent most time with my Dad. Spending around 25 years sitting in the same small groupContinue reading “Shoot Gallery | The Cafe”

Week 9 | Reflection

This week has been a time for reflection regarding my project and progress. With the impending presentation deadline getting closer, I am currently at the stage of reviewing my experience of the module, reflecting on what I have learned,how my project has developed and what this may look like in the form of a presentation. Continue reading “Week 9 | Reflection”

My Camera as a Surface

Throughout this module I have made work with the underlying insecurity that I should be shooting in a manual format as opposed to a digital format. Currently, my camera of choice is a Cannon 5d. I use this technology because I am familiar with its programme and have past experience in using it. Therefore IContinue reading “My Camera as a Surface”

Week 8 | Reflection

As I have continued to make work and further my project, opening up new avenues and intentions. The idea of producing a photobook at this time feels almost impossible. Technically I have the skills to produce a photobook, and I could produce a product in the style of a catalogue of images however I don’tContinue reading “Week 8 | Reflection”