Webinar Week 2 | Reflection

On reflection of the first webinar of this module with Cemre I had prepared images from the weeks tasks, the feedback I recieved was that they don’t really reflect my theme of non commercial football. The images were reflective of the places  in and around a football stadium. My intention was to reflect the broader context of where my project is based. My images do include archetecture associated with the stadium, turnstiles, floodlights etc but I feel the understanding of that wasn’t made clear by myself as I only included work made in the last two weeks. I appreciate that this didn’t really provide Cemre with much of a chance to understand my work on this occasion. 

In response, I emailed Cemre with a link to my last portfolio submission to hopfully provide a clearer indication of my theme. Going forward I feel that a major weakness I have is the selection of work that I choose to present in webinars. In the next webinar I will give a lot more consideration to the sequencing and presentation of my work ensuring that my attendance encompasses work which makes the intent clear. 

Going forward I do feel that I need to consider the intent of my project in further depth. As previously stated I felt that my project was a piece of quiet activism against the modern commercialised game at the higher levels. I feel that a relevant way to illistrate this would be to begin shooting some of my work on film as a reaction to the plethora of modern technologies used to disseminate the game to a non attending mass audience. 

Going back to the webinar, I expressed an idea around exploring male mental health and the connection with community based football as an outlet for people to talk. I feel that this may be an interesting direction and one worth exploring further however I feel there may be a danger of the project becoming too broad and losing impact as a consequence. 

In terms of further research, I have recently been drawn to the work of Alec Soth especially his book Niagara. The combination of people, place and written love letters really works as a narrative with a symbiotic relationship between elenents. Adding some type of written content to my project in order to support the message of my project may be a good idea to provide anchorage and I will cultivate this idea further. 

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Photographer based in Stockport, England. This website is for the purpose of my personal work, currently studying MA Photography at Falmouth University.

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