Cropping Images

At this stage of the module I have been reviewing images for some time looking for ways to further my work in alternative avenues whilst painstakingly trying to edit work into sequences. In my attempts to move work forward I decided to experiment with cropping images with the intention of seeking broader and more abstractContinue reading “Cropping Images”

Preparation for WIPP

Figure 1 is a visualisation of the arrival of my Dad to take me to a game. Usually 5 minutes late with only a general idea of where we were going. The journey wasn’t always straight forward. Getting in the car, I would sense my Dad checking me out to assess whether he thought I’dContinue reading “Preparation for WIPP”

Contextual Research | William Christenberry

In the search of trying to further contextualise my work and find meaning within my intent. I have conducted a broad range of contextual research, looking at the various approaches of photographers whose work resonates. An example of this, is the work of William Christonberry. For some time I have been contemplating his work amongstContinue reading “Contextual Research | William Christenberry”

Shoot Gallery | The Cafe

In pursuit of getting closer to my project in an emotional sense I decided to go to the local cafe which is hugely significant in a personal sense because outside of the football realm, this is the place I spent most time with my Dad. Spending around 25 years sitting in the same small groupContinue reading “Shoot Gallery | The Cafe”