Edgeley Park Shoot | Gallery

In response to the re-photography task in week 1 of the Surfaces and Strategies module I decided to revisit Edgeley Park, Stockport. I timed my shoot to coincide with golden hour in order to experiment with a different type of light. I also felt that it was a good opportunity to make some work which isn’t driven by human presence. Eggleston comments that when shooting he looks to separate colour from composition. Therefore I wanted to make this a theme within these photographs. I further intended to try to layer images and find alternative and peculiar vantage points as a result of the weeks reading. Another current influence is the work of Alex Webb who comments on his intention to create complex images which stop short of chaos.

I was also mindful of recent feedback from my tutors who suggest that to include more of a context, one would benefit from stepping back in order to include more of the environment. In using this approach I hope to learn more about the creation of a poetic image which alludes to a narrative or metaphor. I am conscious that some of my previous work is one-dimensional and although I feel that there is a place for this type of work, throughout this unit I intend to be ambitious in the hope of strengthening my voice.

In the days/weeks to come I will visit new locations however the current lockdown measures will hinder my ability to make work which has a human presence and fulfil my intentions. Therefore I will continue my research into photographers who shoot colour such as William Christenberry and Stephen Shore.

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Photographer based in Stockport, England. This website is for the purpose of my personal work, currently studying MA Photography at Falmouth University.

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