Week 7 | Reflection

As I have continued to make work and further my project, opening up new avenues and intentions. The idea of producing a photobook at this time feels almost impossible. Technically I have the skills to produce a photobook, and I could produce a product in the style of a catalogue of images however I don’tContinue reading “Week 7 | Reflection”

Week 6 | Reflection

Once again the week has resulted in further considerations regarding the intent and purpose of my exhibition. Having carried out the advice I received in my one to one with Cemre last week. I have produced work which encompasses movement in addition to shooting at a lower angle in an attempt to emphasise the perspectiveContinue reading “Week 6 | Reflection”

Reddish North End | Gallery 2

In response to the recent one to one I had with Cemre, I was advised to consider encompassing movement or action into my work in addition to shooting from the perspective of a participant. Having researched the work of Lartigue, specifically his action work. I decided to experiment with getting as close as I couldContinue reading “Reddish North End | Gallery 2”

Contextual Research | Lartigue

Going back to my one to one with Cemre, she highlighted that it may be a good idea to encompass action into my work in addition to shooting from the perspective of of a child. As a result, I have been researching the work of Lartigue which I find compelling in addition to having similarities withContinue reading “Contextual Research | Lartigue”

Week 5 | One to One Reflection

One to one with Cemre 20 Minutes that turned my project upside down.  In the previous post I suggested a project that focussed around Stockport County football club, encompassing a socially engaged approach which consisted of collecting fan images in addition to photo essays by myself. I still feel that this is a good ideaContinue reading “Week 5 | One to One Reflection”

Contextual Research | Photo Books

As the subject matter of my project begins to emerge I have begun to consider how I would disseminate my work. In response to this aspect of the project I am required to think about who the audience would be and how they would consume the project. In a previous post I have briefly consideredContinue reading “Contextual Research | Photo Books”

Project Roadmap | Bluetiful

Bluetiful will be a socially engaged body of work which intends to create a lasting archive of fan memories and experiences of Stockport County Football Club. A community football club based in North West England on the boarder with Manchester. Initiated with photography, written testamonials, drawrings and painting. The project will focus around expression, usingContinue reading “Project Roadmap | Bluetiful”

Week 4 | Webinar with Michelle Sank

Reflection Week 4 Webinar  Another useful webinar with Michelle this week. My intention this week wasn’t necessarily image based. The area I am currently struggling with is the intent of my project. At present, the documentary approach towards my work I feel is becomming somewhat one dimensional. Therefore it was good to consult with myContinue reading “Week 4 | Webinar with Michelle Sank”