Cropping Images

At this stage of the module I have been reviewing images for some time looking for ways to further my work in alternative avenues whilst painstakingly trying to edit work into sequences. In my attempts to move work forward I decided to experiment with cropping images with the intention of seeking broader and more abstractContinue reading “Cropping Images”

Contextual Research | William Christenberry

In the search of trying to further contextualise my work and find meaning within my intent. I have conducted a broad range of contextual research, looking at the various approaches of photographers whose work resonates. An example of this, is the work of William Christonberry. For some time I have been contemplating his work amongstContinue reading “Contextual Research | William Christenberry”

Stephen Shore | Uncommon Places

When considering the work of Stephen Shore, I have owned the book Uncommon Places for around two months however at my current stage of heightened awareness of photographic philosophies, the task of engaging with the book with a clear mindset felt almost impossible. Although this post is based on my experience of the book, IContinue reading “Stephen Shore | Uncommon Places”

Six by Six Webinar | Craig Easton and Colin McPherson

This week I attended an online webinar with Craig Easton and Colin McPherson who are members of the 6 by 6 photography collective. The purpose of 6 by 6 is to ‘start conversations, debate and grow a network of documentary photographers in non traditional spaces’. The specific webinar that I attended was entitled ‘Desert IslandContinue reading “Six by Six Webinar | Craig Easton and Colin McPherson”

Glory Magazine | Contextual Research

Looking at the various surfaces I could potentially exhibit my project I have explored exhibition and photobooks which could be described as quite formal modes of exhibition. In researching publications and zines such as When Saturday Comes in addition to traditional childrens football annuals such as Match and shoot I found that a popular themeContinue reading “Glory Magazine | Contextual Research”

Contextual Research | Lartigue

Going back to my one to one with Cemre, she highlighted that it may be a good idea to encompass action into my work in addition to shooting from the perspective of of a child. As a result, I have been researching the work of Lartigue which I find compelling in addition to having similarities withContinue reading “Contextual Research | Lartigue”

Contextual Research | Photo Books

As the subject matter of my project begins to emerge I have begun to consider how I would disseminate my work. In response to this aspect of the project I am required to think about who the audience would be and how they would consume the project. In a previous post I have briefly consideredContinue reading “Contextual Research | Photo Books”

Open Eye Gallery | Exposure Project

Building on the feedback from the webinar this week with Michelle. I decided to further my research into the work of Emma Case, whilst doing this I am also mindful of the upcoming briefs for week 5 of the module. In response I decided to do some online research into curatorship as I feel thatContinue reading “Open Eye Gallery | Exposure Project”

Contextual Research | Shirley Baker

Furthering my contextual research into street photographers in order to broaden an understanding of poetic images. I spent the morning looking at the work of Shirley Baker who was a Manchester/Salford based street photographer. Much of her work focussed on the inner city slum clearences of the 1960’s. She made photographs mainly of the womenContinue reading “Contextual Research | Shirley Baker”

Week 4 | Webinar with Michelle Sank

Reflection Week 4 Webinar  Another useful webinar with Michelle this week. My intention this week wasn’t necessarily image based. The area I am currently struggling with is the intent of my project. At present, the documentary approach towards my work I feel is becomming somewhat one dimensional. Therefore it was good to consult with myContinue reading “Week 4 | Webinar with Michelle Sank”