Week 5 | One to One Reflection

One to one with Cemre

20 Minutes that turned my project upside down. 

In the previous post I suggested a project that focussed around Stockport County football club, encompassing a socially engaged approach which consisted of collecting fan images in addition to photo essays by myself. I still feel that this is a good idea and something I would like to do. However, as a result of my one to one with Cemre the project was turned on its head. In preperation for the meeting I produced a short blog post/roadmap which encompassed a small gallery of my recent work. The intention of this was to provide Cemre with a brief overview of what my project was about. 

As the conversation unfolded, Cemre put a series of images together from the gallery which illustrated a clear narrative. I was quite amazed by the results and for the first time felt that I had a series of images that I was pleased with. The outcome of the tutorial caused me to rethink the direction of my project possibly moving away from the socially engaged theme proposed in the roadmap that I proposed in favour if a narrative driven monograph. This type of work will be heavily centred by my vision as a photographer in addition to the curation of images, sequencing them into a narrative. Going back to my initial idea at the outset of this module which was to persue the journey of chasing the goal of becomming a professional football player. Colberg, J (2017:p2) states in relation to monographs ‘you couldn’t easily remove a photograph or page from such a photobookwithout running the risk of dramatically altering the book.’. The idea of producing a text of this nature is still quite daunting whilst at the same time exciting. Having tried to produce a powerful narrative in my last WIPP and feeling a sense of failure, more research into this area is needed. I do feel that the images I have produced in this module are stronger than the previous, however further consideration of my intent is needed. 

As reflected in this blog post, currently my thoughts are all over the place which is frustrating and makes any response at this stage difficult. I am however, asking myself more complexed questions. Accepting the twists and mianders in my decision making and trying to make sense of them. Cemre made an observation about my work as being very still. In response I have engaged with the work of Jaques Henry Lartigue in the persuit of a sophisticated direction which would allow the introduction of movement or action. First impressions of his work led to the comparison with Rodney Smith. Some of Smith’s work appears to be directly echoing the approach of Lartique which I found interesting. Further reseach led to researching environmental portraits which was one of the initial reasons I decided to study an MA. The work of Smith and Lartigue represent where I would like to be as a photographer. Lartigue’s early black and white work represents an inroad to a way to opn up my project while his colour work and use of a limited colour pallet may be a way to open up my project in a new ambitious direction.

Arnold Newman is another to focuss on in the coming weeks. First ipressions of his work lead to admiration of the often busy compositions and detail which surround his portraits. His selection of locations is strong and interesting in the sense that the multiplicity of what is essentially portrait is where I find the real enjoyment comes from. Further research and more detailed consideration needed.

Colberg, J (2017) Understanding Photo Books, tHE form and Content of the Photographic Book. London, Routledge. 

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