Week 8 | Workshop

In response to the workshop task I have decided to revisit the content from the earlier weeks of the module, considering how digital techniques can be encompassed in photographic work. This was an area that I really enjoyed and think would work with the students that I teach in an FE college. As a mediaContinue reading “Week 8 | Workshop”

Week 6 | Reflection

Once again the week has resulted in further considerations regarding the intent and purpose of my exhibition. Having carried out the advice I received in my one to one with Cemre last week. I have produced work which encompasses movement in addition to shooting at a lower angle in an attempt to emphasise the perspectiveContinue reading “Week 6 | Reflection”

Week 6 | Exhibition Research

I feel that the best way to start this post is to refer to my earlier forum post about my intended exhibition. In response to this this task, I am considering the use of a football changing room as an instillation which would require the viewer to move around the space to view work situatedContinue reading “Week 6 | Exhibition Research”

Week 4 Reflection | Strategies of Freedom

Week 4  As in previous weeks I have found this weeks tasks difficult but rewarding. Initially I had the guilt of feeling that I wasn’t doing enough or being disorganised due to putting too much emphasis on last weeks zine task and fiddling about with InDesign. Throughout the module I have been mindful of broadeningContinue reading “Week 4 Reflection | Strategies of Freedom”

Week 4 | Forum Posts

Post 1: Week 4 Forum The example I have chosen is the Satellite Landscapes project by Jenny Odell. Currently reading her book ‘Hot to do Nothing’ which is a type of critique of the attention economy created by social media. The Satellite Landscapes project as Odell (2015)  suggests is ‘ a place whose existence feels peripheral to immediate experience,Continue reading “Week 4 | Forum Posts”

Week 4 | Zine Task

I do have some basic knowledge of InDesign in terms of placing text and images however I really struggled with using the layers to format text, block colours and images. I invested some time in attempting to work with the alpha channels to achieve a text wrap effect however when I did this I couldn’tContinue reading “Week 4 | Zine Task”

Jenny Odell | How to Do Nothing

Throughout my project I have been interested in my non commercial football project as being activist in its nature. A comment against the digital consumption of football. In order to understand my objective in a broader sense my research had led to the consideration of the digital economy as opposed to an experience led economy.Continue reading “Jenny Odell | How to Do Nothing”

Week 3 Forum | Collaboration or Participation?

Within my project of non league football spectatorship I am required to work in a collaborative process on various levels. Firstly, having identified the event of a football match I would like to attend in order to photograph. The collaborative process is initiated by myself, making contact with relevant club officials using email or socialContinue reading “Week 3 Forum | Collaboration or Participation?”

Week 2 Reflection | Shooting Film

Over the recent weeks I have begun to consider without much intuition the idea of introducing analogue techniques in order to further my project. Throughout my research I have ascertained that many of the photographers I admire shoot their images mostly using film cameras. Admittidlay, lots of those artists such as Stephen Shore, William Eggleston andContinue reading “Week 2 Reflection | Shooting Film”

Week 1 Reflection | Re-Photography

My current practice is based around the theme of non commercialised football/soccer in the UK. To date I have produced work of a documentary nature, driven by human presence although I have engaged with some work which focuses on objects associated with the game at grassroots level.  Within the week 1 tasks set in theContinue reading “Week 1 Reflection | Re-Photography”