Project Roadmap | Bluetiful

Bluetiful will be a socially engaged body of work which intends to create a lasting archive of fan memories and experiences of Stockport County Football Club. A community football club based in North West England on the boarder with Manchester.

Initiated with photography, written testamonials, drawrings and painting. The project will focus around expression, using a range of creative methodologies which have the potential to draw on the experiences of a diverse age range and interest. The project will also encompass a series of photo essays by myself. Portraits, documentary coverage of matches and the surrounding cultural rituals of supporters, going to the pub, eating food etc.

The underpinning ethos will be co-authorship and participatory image production, promoted via workshops with, the Stockport County Junior Supporters Club and SCFC Community Foundation. I will work with participants in order to tease out their perspective of the football club and how it affects them in a positive sense.

The summative conclusion will be a photo book that encompasses the work created throughout the project in the style of a Roy of the Rovers or Match of the Day style football annual using assets produced throughout the project.

The project may also encompass an exhibition at the Stockport County museum which is housed at the stadium, Edgeley Park.

The assets created may be disseminated in the match day magazine/programme which are produced for every home match.


A photobook is a phyical object that may be kept and disseminated amongst families. It has the possibility to unite audiences experiences, young children who haven’t attended an away game could see what this experience looks like. Older generations could see the match day experience through the eyes of a child. Much in the style Julian Germain draws on a range of perspectives  in his book Soccer in Wonderland.  

Julian Jermain | Soccer in Wonderland 1994


A focal point for the culmination of the project. Participants get the satisfaction of seeing their work in a physical form and on display in a public space. Participants could also speak about their experiences of making the work. 


May be used to broaden the photographic vocabulary of participants whilst sharing experiences and discussing different photographic approaches through photobook discussions. Old football programmes may be used to facilitate this and invoke past experiences.

Barriers to the Project

COVID 19: Currently most football matches are cancelled with some matches taking place behind closed doors. In order to remove this barrier in the immediate future I will shoot portraits of participants I have already cultivated but not yet photographed.

Participation in Workshops: In the event of a low turnout I will promote the project more intensively. I have already made links with the groups linked below. I will attend Junior supporters club meetings, plan activities using my knowledge as a media/photography teacher. I will also plan and promote age appropriate sessions aimed at adult participants.

Useful Links for Collaboration

Stockport County Football Club

Stockport County Community Foundation:

Help the Hatters

Summary of Project Development Throughout the Module

This gallery is has not been produced exclusively within the Surfaces and Strategies module. The purpose of these images are for the benefit of my tutor Cemre in order to assist in understanding of my project in preparation for the week 5.

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