Reddish North End | Gallery 2

In response to the recent one to one I had with Cemre, I was advised to consider encompassing movement or action into my work in addition to shooting from the perspective of a participant. Having researched the work of Lartigue, specifically his action work. I decided to experiment with getting as close as I could without intruding not the coaching session to heighten the perspective of a player. I further experimented with slowing the shutter of the camera with the intention of emphasising the idea of movement within my work. In terms of composition, I was looking to get close and capture the action whilst attempting to maintain a level of separation between subjects.

The shoot took place in the early evening with the light creating hard shadows. I tried to use this by creating some silhouettes. I have created a gallery which is more of a record of the shoot, I will take a second look at a later date as I find it difficult to assess the images shortly after editing. It is my intention to take a small number of images to encompass within a broader narrative of the visualisation of the diversity within the football club.

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