Week 4 | Forum Posts

Post 1: Week 4 Forum The example I have chosen is the Satellite Landscapes project by Jenny Odell. Currently reading her book ‘Hot to do Nothing’ which is a type of critique of the attention economy created by social media. The Satellite Landscapes project as Odell (2015)  suggests is ‘ a place whose existence feels peripheral to immediate experience,Continue reading “Week 4 | Forum Posts”

Jenny Odell | How to Do Nothing

Throughout my project I have been interested in my non commercial football project as being activist in its nature. A comment against the digital consumption of football. In order to understand my objective in a broader sense my research had led to the consideration of the digital economy as opposed to an experience led economy.Continue reading “Jenny Odell | How to Do Nothing”

Week 3 Reflection | collaboration

I have found the theme of working with others very useful but quite difficult to engage with as my approach to this course is very much an individual journey. When considering the ideas of Azouulay (2016) who states “The photographic event’s degree zero”. In relation to collaboration. I disagreed to some extent as I felt that the practicioner’s intentContinue reading “Week 3 Reflection | collaboration”

Week 3 | Helping Others

I find the work of Simon Terrill – Crowd Theory a very interesting project and the pictorial nature of some of his work is in no doubt impressive, and the achievement is something to be admired. Terrill states on his website ‘The works are carefully stage-managed public operations that involve many collaborators and are aContinue reading “Week 3 | Helping Others”

Contextual Research | The Tea Party (Zine)

In recent weeks we have been encouraged to start looking at the subject of zines and I was intrigued by them as my most pertinent memory of them is a zine produced in the 1990’s for supporters of Stockport County Football Club. as a small child I have vivd memories of a long haired hippyContinue reading “Contextual Research | The Tea Party (Zine)”

Szarkowski in Eggleston 2002

Over the course of the last module I became aware of the work of Eggleston and was seduced and intrigued by his motivations. At times, his work overstretched my creative intelligence sometimes enjoying his photographs but unable to pontificate as to why I was drawn to them. This is where studying at MA level hasContinue reading “Szarkowski in Eggleston 2002”

Michelle Sank Lecture | Personal Reflection

I found the lecture with Michelle Sank informative and and very useful in trying to decode the issues that I am trying to address with my own project. In terms of my approach to portraits, It was useful to learn that Michelle used flash as a fill light to compose her work. This is hugely relevantContinue reading “Michelle Sank Lecture | Personal Reflection”

Chatonsky | Vertigo@home | Contextual Research

Chatonsky and the project ‘Vertigo@home’ is an interesting project in which he used google street view to recreate a scene from the 1958 film by Hitchcock, while using the soundtrack from the original film. This creates a bizarre union between sound and the visual which separate expectations between the ritualistic acts of using google streetContinue reading “Chatonsky | Vertigo@home | Contextual Research”

Brittany Marcoux | Contextual Research

Brittany Marcoux and her project ’The Shore Project’ is an intreguing approach to rephotographs. In creating a project that is a homage Shore. The work is interesting when coupled with the original work by Shore and the shift in time is clear. Buildings have become dated or in many cases replaced by newer structures andContinue reading “Brittany Marcoux | Contextual Research”