Cropping Images

At this stage of the module I have been reviewing images for some time looking for ways to further my work in alternative avenues whilst painstakingly trying to edit work into sequences. In my attempts to move work forward I decided to experiment with cropping images with the intention of seeking broader and more abstract messages. 

Cropping was an interesting activity and something relatively new in a personal sense. I am used to making slight adjustments to work in order to straighten and make slight amendments. However although heavily cropping images is a technique which I find rather scary, some of the results were rather pleasing. I sought feedback from some of my peers on the course who commented that an energy was added to the work. An observation to which I agree however caution is needed with taking this approach further towards a possible inclusion in a portfolio. 

Upon research in this area it was interesting to learn of the Cartier Bresson and Elliot Irwitt’s use of cropping. The Irwitt image is subject to a particularly heavy cropp with the effect of making a much stronger image. 

Cartier Bresson | The Decisive Moment
Elliott Erwitt | Contact Sheet
Andrew Findlay | Cropping Example 1

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