Preparation for WIPP

Figure 1: Journey to the Game

Figure 1 is a visualisation of the arrival of my Dad to take me to a game. Usually 5 minutes late with only a general idea of where we were going. The journey wasn’t always straight forward.

Getting in the car, I would sense my Dad checking me out to assess whether he thought I’d had enough sleep the night before. If I failed his test then the impending lecture about sleep would dominate the journey.

Figure 2: Helping out with Training

Finishing work early to get to training. Juggling workload, having a word with the boss, making sure your football boots are in the car so you can help out if needed.

Figure 3: A football Pitch can be anywhere

Growing up, a football pitch could anywhere, shooting practice would take place where we could find a square wall to use as a goal. An enclosed space was important so you could concentrate on technique. Running after the ball because you missed was boring. Facing your parents because you smashed a window was a source of constant worry.

Figure 4: The Old Football

Football politics is an important business where we lived. Having a new football was a way to guarantee being the most popular kid on the estate. Before taking the ball out to play, Mum would give the instruction not to use it on concrete.

A good idea was to use your best football on grass, the older one’s on concrete.

Figure 5: Mum is Boss

Mum is boss, not really interested in football. Organising the daily schedule. Remembering birthdays. Football training is an hour of peace.

Figure 6:
Figure 7: Training

Making sure each player has a football to practice with, touching the ball, the feel of the ball at your feet. The constant battle to make your feet do what you want them to do.

Figure 8:
Figure 9:

Scoring a goal is a great feeling, age isn’t important.

Figure 10

Watching from the sidelines, wishing you could still play.

Figure 11: Gate to the professional World
Figure 12

Portraits without a Home

Movement without a Home

Book inspiration

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