Week 8 | Workshop

In response to the workshop task I have decided to revisit the content from the earlier weeks of the module, considering how digital techniques can be encompassed in photographic work. This was an area that I really enjoyed and think would work with the students that I teach in an FE college.

As a media teacher, I teach both A level and vocational learners therefore I have decided to aim my workshop at this audience. It may be worth noting that I am planning to deliver this workshop/project when my students return to the college in September.

I continue to find the work and research of Jenny Odell really interesting and a great example of how everyday technology such as google applications can be used for creative processes. I find the philosophy of Odell really refreshing as opposed to a constant emphasis on functionality and convenience which we usually associate with SMART technology. Therefore the aim of my workshop will be to encourage students to think differently about technology. Whilst teaching students how to exploit applications for creative purposes and empower them to see the possibilities of SMART technology to inform creative intent.

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