Week 8: An Agent for Change?

In response to the censoring of images I feel that one of the important factors to consider is the context or point of exhibition. This however raises further questions regarding objectivity and the use of such images as ‘propaganda’. The reason and intentions for using shocking imagery must always be scrutinised and tested in orderContinue reading “Week 8: An Agent for Change?”

Week 7/8 Independent Reflection

Within this module I have made significant progress with my project which is based around the people, places and objects surrounding non league football in the UK. My research has led to thinking about my work as a quiet form activism against the consumerist nature of modern football. In a practical sense I continue toContinue reading “Week 7/8 Independent Reflection”

Week 6: Independent Reflection. Outside the Vernacular

At this stage of the Informing Contexts unit I have continued to broaden my understanding of different approaches to making photographs and in the masses of information it has been a difficult task to consume and interpret the different ideas presented. However in attempting to reflect I feel that I am beginning to look atContinue reading “Week 6: Independent Reflection. Outside the Vernacular”

Week 6: And When I am Formulated, Sprawling on a Pin

I feel that the many criticisms Grundberg and the NY Times makes about the NG are all relevant and hold weight as academic arguments in addition to being particularly scathing in their approach. It appears they do create pictorial images and sometimes anthropomorphic in their nature. However as the circulation of NG content is soContinue reading “Week 6: And When I am Formulated, Sprawling on a Pin”

Week 6: Are You Drowning Yet?

When considering the question oh how I disseminate my work I agree with Lister (2013) who asserts that ‘Photography appears to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously’. Within my wedding work I understand that in order to attain a booking I have two avenues which are ‘word of mouth’ and the internet. Regarding the internet IContinue reading “Week 6: Are You Drowning Yet?”

Week 5: Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men

In relation to my own project I have explored landscape photography through the work of Hans Van Der Meer who encompasses football pitches as part of wider landscapes encompassing the terrain they are a part of. At this stage I have attended a range of football matches making photographs which make statements about the relationshipContinue reading “Week 5: Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men”

Week 5: Fascinating Looks

Within my current practice I would agree that my approach encompasses elements of the voyeur in the way that I explore environments and the people int hem in the hunt for light, composition and moments. In terms of the limitations of this approach, I often arrive at the conclusion that I work too fast andContinue reading “Week 5: Fascinating Looks”

Week 4 Independent Reflection,The Deadpan Face

As my project develops I have moved into the realm of portrait photography which I have found interesting and is useful in a way that this style of work provides the opportunities to both experiment and open a new direction for my work. Having little understanding about the approach, I have engaged in further readingContinue reading “Week 4 Independent Reflection,The Deadpan Face”