Reflecting on Future Direction

Looking for Eric (2009) is a film that struck me as a type of narrative that may be relevant to my project. Within the film Loach explores the idea of male identity crisis. Eric, a postman from Manchester is a character struggling with the burden of debt and a single parent. His idle “Eric Cantona’Continue reading “Reflecting on Future Direction”

Reflection on Feedback and Response

The mock presentation proved a difficult but useful task in that I felt that I had worked very hard and very fast throughout the weeks whilst considering some challenging philosophical debates. Therefore, the task was really a case of categorising my thoughts and ideas whilst demonstrating what I have learned about myself as a photographer.Continue reading “Reflection on Feedback and Response”

Week 10: Draft Presentation Reflection

Upon reflecting on the feedback I received on the draft presentation I produced, the following themes were raised: Identity With regards to the idea of my project being about identity, I agree that this theme is encompassed within the work. At this stage my understanding about identity is that of the objects and things weContinue reading “Week 10: Draft Presentation Reflection”

When Saturday Comes

When Saturday Comes is a bi monthly, independent football magazine which explores a wide range of football related themes. Having recently subscribed to the magazine and to date have received three issues. The content is usually interesting and is comprised of nostalgic articles which explore the romance of various elements of football culture. Experiences ofContinue reading “When Saturday Comes”