Week 6: Are You Drowning Yet?

When considering the question oh how I disseminate my work I agree with Lister (2013) who asserts that ‘Photography appears to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously’. Within my wedding work I understand that in order to attain a booking I have two avenues which are ‘word of mouth’ and the internet.

Regarding the internet I am required to optimise images so that they appear in google image searches when clients are at the research stage. My images sit along side hundreds of other images of the same venue. This is a hugely competitive environment and does account for some bookings however this method is somewhat of a lottery dependent on the metadata contained within the photograph in addition to the uniqueness of the photograph. In this sense my photography supports Listers idea as my work can be seen in the google searches for a range of Cheshire wedding venues however I believe it is often lost amongst the sea of other images hoping to represent a disturbance and prompt someone to click further.

On occasion a photograph will be noticed by a venue or some sort of wedding blog which assists in the dissemination of work of this nature and sometimes my work has been featured in blogs of newspapers which should be helpful however, within the context of weddings my best work isn’t the the work that is used rather the unusual, funny as exemplified below. I’m unsure if this is a good thing although it serves to assist combating the invisible nature of my work.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 22.46.30.png

With my project in mind I am hoping to produce a book to show my work. Of course I would love to sell a million copies however my main motivations for this would be to culminate my work and my MA experience as a present to myself. I am of this viewpoint as I am often required to design wedding albums for clients, when the arrive to deliver I always have a cheeky look and take a sense of pride in how beautiful they look. The prospect filling a book with work of my choosing I feel would amplify that sense of pride and create a physical object which I could show my Daughter.

I am currently disseminating a small selection of my work through an Instagram page entitled ‘football_adventures’ (feel free to follow). In doing this I have been able to build links and raise some awareness of of my project with people invested in non league football clubs often contacting me to ask if I would visit their ground. With the production of a book in mind, this may provide an excellent marketing tool to eventually sell my book.

Lister, M. (2013). The Photographic Image in Digital Culture. London, Routledge.

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