Week 5: Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men

In relation to my own project I have explored landscape photography through the work of Hans Van Der Meer who encompasses football pitches as part of wider landscapes encompassing the terrain they are a part of. At this stage I have attended a range of football matches making photographs which make statements about the relationship between the impact of man on the environment. Within the theme as football as activism I have encountered man made structures.

One of the interesting parts of this work is the objects and structures which were once loved but have fallen into a state of disrepair. When visiting Edgeley Park the home of Stockport County I have encountered a place which has seen a transition over the last 20 years from a successful centre of the community to a football club without the money to sustain itself. The stand known as ‘The Cheadle End’ is a structure that I am old enough to remember being build.

To me, this structure represented the transition of my local football team from a small club to a larger fashionable club. Two and a half decades later I have sat in or sat looking at this structure I am still amazed at the enormity of it. However, as my football team fell through the leagues and became less glamorous, the same could be said for the Cheadle End. I have witnessed the withering of the vibrant orange colours whilst bits of the structure have disappeared all together. The seats progressively losing their colour.

The lack of human intervention in the maintaining of the stand becomes an ideological representation or failure of the club within football and capitalism. Similarly,

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