Week 7/8 Independent Reflection

Within this module I have made significant progress with my project which is based around the people, places and objects surrounding non league football in the UK. My research has led to thinking about my work as a quiet form activism against the consumerist nature of modern football.

In a practical sense I continue to develop the documentary nature of my work. I am unsure if my approach has changed much, although the feedback I have received points to a maturity and dignity within my work which I agree with although I’m not totally happy with the results I have produced. In response I will continue to seek out the interesting and peculiar.

In both a practical and philosophical sense I have had an enlightening journey in developing my understanding of portrait photography. This was an area that I was consciously seeking to understand in further depth and I have been experimenting with. Making environmental photographs in addition to getting close to subjects. The initial results have been pleasing however I understand that I am very much at the learning stage. It appears that the more I further my understanding the complexity of the discipline unfolds.

I have enjoyed generating an understanding of the deadpan face and understanding the reasoning for making such work has been awesome. It has also changed the way I look at photographs and provoked suspicions about the intentions of the author as well as being moved by the work I find through research. Photographers including Margret Mitchell, Ingrid Pollard and Martin Parr have served as sources of research in addition to the likes of August Sander. The difficulty at this stage is consuming and digesting the amount of information that I find.

The landscape elements of my project have developed significantly from the positions and practice module where I simplistically went to locations shooting at high apertures in the hope of replicating the work of Haans Van Der Meer who engaged with a similar project. I found the history of this type of photography quite amazing and I am beginning to warm to the political nature of the genre.

The Informing contexts module has also enabled the reflection on the approach I take to my work and understanding an alignment with the gaze of a spectator interested in the vernacular and the peculiar.

In conclusion, the direction of my project is still quite loose as I am experimenting with a range of approaches. I have built some excellent contacts and intend to exploit these avenues further. I have conducted one portrait session in the home of one of the people that I have met which was a mixed experience. Relatively happy with some of the work but quite unhappy in other areas.

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