Week 9: Enter the Academy

In response to the task set in week 9, I have identified an exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool) entitled ‘The Time We Call Our Own’. The exhibition is a collection of images from around the world that illustrate the escapism and euphoria found in city centre nightclubs and bars. The overall rational being,Continue reading “Week 9: Enter the Academy”

Chaos and Love | Isolation Week 2

In making the choice to pick up the camera during these very odd times I decided to document the things going on around whilst I prepare remote lessons for the students that I teach. My approach to this session was to change nothing, no direction to anyone just shoot what I saw. My Daughter andContinue reading “Chaos and Love | Isolation Week 2”

Julian Germain: Soccer in Wonderland

Having purchased the book ‘Soccer in Wonderland’ by Julian Germain, I enjoyed the magazine style philosophy which encompasses a range of unrelated stories brought together under the theme of football through the eyes of the fans. The book explores a range of perspectives and in addition to collections of old photographs, Sebbuteo figures and oldContinue reading “Julian Germain: Soccer in Wonderland”

Practice and Preperation: Photography and Poetry

‘Reading a poem is a quest for unity, and unity is achieved or perceived only when the reader abandons the apparent referential or representational meaning of the discourse and grasps the unifying feature of factor that the various signs of the poem express by indirection’. The statement above was very interesting as if the wordContinue reading “Practice and Preperation: Photography and Poetry”

Critical Ideas

Berger, J. (1972). Ways of Seeing: Penguin, Harmondsworth. any connotation that may be read or decoded must be met with suspicion (Berger 1972). Borge, M (2012) Photography as Activism, Images for Social Change. London, Focal Press. “Maybe activist photography begins at the point that a photographer thinks beyond the photograph, or when the photograph isContinue reading “Critical Ideas”

Artist Research | Danyelle Farrell (ROLLA)

At this stage in the module I feel that I am now able to begin to make effective comment and contextualise my own work in relation to other photographers in exploring their motivations and intentions to further personal development of my own project. As a result of my research, the work of Danyelle Farrell (RollaContinue reading “Artist Research | Danyelle Farrell (ROLLA)”

Week 8: Aesthetic or Anaesthetic?

When considering this task I was drawn to the Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign in (2004). At the time, in my early 20s I was reflecting on a failed dream at following a path into professional football. This was a real crossroads in my life as I somehow had to reassess my life and considerContinue reading “Week 8: Aesthetic or Anaesthetic?”