When Saturday Comes

When Saturday Comes is a bi monthly, independent football magazine which explores a wide range of football related themes. Having recently subscribed to the magazine and to date have received three issues. The content is usually interesting and is comprised of nostalgic articles which explore the romance of various elements of football culture. Experiences of childhood collectables, profiles of fan owned football clubs in addition to a front page which usually encompass composited images of famous football players with satirical captions which comment on the wider issues within the game.

Each issue contains a photo feature a different non league football ground on a match day. The perspective of the photographs is usually of that of a spectator at a particular game. The format is usually in the form of a double page spread with photographs separated by white borders.

These such feature articles may represent an opportunity to attain some exposure for my project. Using the online gallery platform ‘Shootproof’ I will set up a gallery with a range of folders encompassing some of my own images which I will send and continue to send in the hope of persuading the photo editor to use them.

Publications such as WSC may offer a good opportunity to disseminate my work in order to raise some awareness of my project. Having watched the lecture with Krishna Sheth recently I will use the approach advocated by her in sending an email to introduce myself along with some content. I will select 5-6 photos to accompany an email which are prepared print and ready to be used with minimal fuss.

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