Reflection on Feedback and Response

The mock presentation proved a difficult but useful task in that I felt that I had worked very hard and very fast throughout the weeks whilst considering some challenging philosophical debates. Therefore, the task was really a case of categorising my thoughts and ideas whilst demonstrating what I have learned about myself as a photographer. In terms of the feedback that I received, I felt that it was useful with the most pertinent observations surrounding the engagement with other photographers. I found this useful and served to confirm the impact of insecurities I have regarding the considering of my peers work with sophistication. I understand that I may be overcritical of myself and i am currently unsure whether this is due to a lack of ability or a lack of confidence.

When looking back at the unit as a whole i feel that I have developed my academic thinking and critical analysis significantly skills significantly. As I have learned about myself, I understand that I need time to reflect on new ideas and really think about them before I respond in both an intrinsic and an extrinsic manner. Hence the reason this reflection is over a week after I attended the webinar where I discussed my work.

In terms of the written feedback I received on the forum, It was suggested that my work was about identity which I whole heartedly agree however, this challenged me to consider further how I would take my project beyond identities. At the time of composing my presentation I was reading and making links between my work and poetry. This took a significant amount of interpretation and I am in the process of composing my portfolio as poem.

I received further feedback that had some similarities with the feedback I received from the conclusion of the positions and practice unit which referred to the development and direction of my project. it was suggested that I engage with making photographs of object in further depth as a particular image was discussed and highlighted a number of times between the written and oral feedback. This observation was also given more relevance due to the impending isolation period we were due to encounter.

Upon considering the feedback I had received in addition to Peter Fraser video, I begun to think about how I could respond whilst thinking about how I would disseminate my work. Fraser makes reference to the importance of ‘small thinks’ and their importance to what we see in the world around us. This was extremely relevant to my project at this stage therefore I decided to enlist the help of my step children. I asked them to gather as many objects as they could about their football life as they could and curate their own exhibition in the back garden. This provided a plethora of objects which I could photograph. What started as a small idea by the end had turned into a rather large task ultimately costing me £10. However It was a very useful exercise in identifying the large numbers of objects I was past everyday.

The process and identification of these objects within a different context was immensely helpful in enabling me to consider a different approach to the act of looking and the act of seeing.

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