Engaging with Audiences

At the start of the MA I made the decision to create an Instagram account to document my progress and engage with potential audiences. At this stage the account has a clear identity and has been extremely useful in developing an understanding of my audience. As a result I see the potential of my work being disseminated in specific football magazines such as ‘When Saturday Comes’ and ‘Mundial’ who publish their work as both a physical magazine in addition to an online offering. Furthermore, I cultivated an awareness of the ‘zine’. At present my understanding is that a zine is something between a magazine and a fanzine. I was fascinated by this term and further research revealed a number of publications across Europe, some of which were engaging with my content via the mechanism of ‘likes’. Although I am suspicious of the nature of this, I was heartened by the idea that these people are aware of my work and have decided to follow my progress. I currently see this as an opportunity to potentially make connections with a broader community and eventually lead to my work being exhibited in such publications.

In an alternative respect, the platform also provides the opportunity to engage with individuals outside the professional context which is pleasing as this audience is possibly not likely to attend a gallery. In the medium term as my understanding of a potential audience for an exhibition I will focus my attention into motivating them to come and see my work in a physical sense.

Publications identified:
When Saturday Comes
Glory Magazine
Mundial Magazine
Season Zine

The Culture Division
Club Cana
Soccer Bible
Football Campagne
Art of Football
Where is Football
Copa 90
Soccer Girls Problems Podcast

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