Contextual Research | Alex Webb

Building on my awareness of practitioners I am currently drawn to the work of Alex Webb. On my journey to understanding the ‘poetic image’ I have opened up to a new understanding or appreciation of work which really stands out and take personal enjoyment from. In studying the previous unit I begun to engage withContinue reading “Contextual Research | Alex Webb”

Week 1 | Repeat Photography

Comparing Images At present, my understanding of this field of work is quite basic. However having engaged with making work of this nature I am developing an understanding of the challenges and motivations for making such work. In making work I am drawn to the intrigue and and change in the relationship an audience has.Continue reading “Week 1 | Repeat Photography”

Ed Ruscha Challenge

In response to this challenge I decided to take myself on a photo walk around my local area of Heaton Moor which is a superb of Stockport/South Manchester. Initially, my intention was to take photographs of local shops which is outside the realm of my project however I was enthusiastic about the small adventure. HavingContinue reading “Ed Ruscha Challenge”

Surfaces and Strategies PHO703

In considering my own prctice and the idea of ‘stepping in someone else’s shoes’. I have moved beyond the enlightening stage where I am amazed by the work and approaches of others. Moving towards contemplation of how to develop and mature my approaches. It took what seems an age to reflect upon the last muduleContinue reading “Surfaces and Strategies PHO703”