Surfaces and Strategies PHO703

In considering my own prctice and the idea of ‘stepping in someone else’s shoes’. I have moved beyond the enlightening stage where I am amazed by the work and approaches of others. Moving towards contemplation of how to develop and mature my approaches. It took what seems an age to reflect upon the last mudule (Informing Contexts). I think this is no doubt because of the huge undertaking it was.

The philosophical approaches to my work have changed and I am begining to observe opportunities more frequently. Looking at smaller objects and compositions. Seperating the colour of an object from the composition. In engaging with these techniques I feel that i am beginning to develop a ratanal for looking in a more sophisticated manner.

Throughout the break have have begun to research the work of Alex Webb, William Egglesden and Stephen Shore. Building on my previous interest in the likes of Todd Hido and Alec Soth. I am interested colour photography which seeks the semiotic union of objects, subjects and environments. As a result, I intend to be much more careful in my approach to firing the shutter. Considering arrangements and compositons in the hope of producing images poetic in their nature. Colour will be a totally seperate area for contenplation.

The difficulty in the future development of my project will be to fuse these ideas together to create some type of union.  

Informing contexts did for me, exactly what it says on the tin. Testing the limits of my ability to interpret the varying philosophical debates which surround the ethics attached to a photograph. I will add further weight to my research into photographers and build a critical understanding of them. Applying relevant themes to my own approach. Looking back at my former practice I realise that much of my work is one dimensional banal. The subject matters have not been banal but I feel that my approach to them was. I will attempt to address this throughout this module. 

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