Ed Ruscha Challenge

In response to this challenge I decided to take myself on a photo walk around my local area of Heaton Moor which is a superb of Stockport/South Manchester. Initially, my intention was to take photographs of local shops which is outside the realm of my project however I was enthusiastic about the small adventure. Having reviewed the days work I felt that there were two possible directions I could go.

Avenue 1: was a collection of photographs of cyclists. I seemed to see many of them on my walk therefore I decided to take a photograph encountered.

Avenue 2: Local shops and public houses. This was more aligned with my intention and was the direction I decided to present for the Ed Ruscha challenge.

Whilst looking at the photographs I felt that I could loosely attach my project theme of football by attaching Manchester phrases related to football clubs Manchester United and Manchester City. I encompassed the binary opposite colours red and blue in order to visualise the two football clubs.

The captions serve to anchor the local nature of this mini project and may alienate those from outside of the local area. This could be interesting as the two giant Manchester football clubs are very much recognised as global brands throughout the world. However this project could be seen as a local response to their presence.

Heaton Moor

I chose to use the Ed Ruscha challenge to develop a brochure for my wedding photography business. Having experimented with InDesign in order to produce my WIPP for the previous module I felt that it would be a refreshing task. In order to produce the document I took influence from a football zine that I had found called Glory Mag.

I felt the minimalistic theme and clean white pages were a good starting point and not too ambitious. I found the positioning of text somewhat difficult at times and sought the opinion of graphic designer friends to ensure that I am not breaking any golden rules with typography.

Some of the pages are simple while some of the images are placed in unconventional places, this may represent my wedding photography brand as slightly alternative and driven by a documentary style as opposed to the conventional stereotype. 


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