Chaos and Love | Isolation Week 2

In making the choice to pick up the camera during these very odd times I decided to document the things going on around whilst I prepare remote lessons for the students that I teach.

My approach to this session was to change nothing, no direction to anyone just shoot what I saw. My Daughter and Step Sons are used to me getting out the camera on a whim, the act of taking photographs is nothing new to them.

We are a somewhat busy household and storage is at a premium, the house can be semi tidy one minute and an absolute disaster the next due to having a 3 year old Daughter who is very active and never short of someone to play with. Within the chaos I hope the viewer attains a sense of love within the realism of looking inwardly towards the private sphere of the home.

As COVID 19 takes its hold, the photographs of people stood in windows takes hold and some convey the intriguing sense of isolation that we all crave. This short collection may serve to illustrate how lucky I feel to be surrounded by the chaos.

Here’s hoping we all stay safe.

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