Week 8: Aesthetic or Anaesthetic?

When considering this task I was drawn to the Adidas ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign in (2004). At the time, in my early 20s I was reflecting on a failed dream at following a path into professional football. This was a real crossroads in my life as I somehow had to reassess my life and consider alternative directions, having to reinvent myself, find new ambitions and a new purpose. Many of my peers seemed to be content with their lives while some were heading into precarious directions and I often found myself associating with people who scared me a little. I had gone from the playing football in academies and surrounded by inspiration to playing non league and amateur football where there were many dangerous influences. At this time I remember a the Adidas campaign which focussed on the experiences of high profile football players such as Beckham and Messi. I felt the reflective accounts given in this cross platform campaign were memorable especially the content revolving around Beckham who was made a national hate figure after the 1998 world cup. See image below.

Beckham Hanging

Moving on to present day and considering how society has changed in addition to the influence of social media. I was saddened by the suicide of Caroline Flack and recently the suicide of a lifelong friend that I played football with around this era. Also, with the emphasis on ‘talking’ therapy’ currently strong in the media I recalled this Adidas campaign. Unsure whether it had an effect at the time, being a 38 year old male l now recollect this campaign and feel that it was a very progressive idea.

Copyright: Picture Alliance

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