Contextual Research | Jooney Woodward

In moving towards an editorial style of work, I decided to conduct some online research, looking for editorial portrait photographs. It was then that I found an interesting image on the guardian website, I saw that the the image was taken by Jooney Woodward. Curious to find out more, a quick google search and thereContinue reading “Contextual Research | Jooney Woodward”

Document Scotland Webinar | Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Kenny Farquharson

Over the course of the MA I have been following a small group of local photographers who challenge themes similar to my own project of non league football. I have previously written about Colin McPherson and been following his personal work in addition to his work for ‘When Saturday Comes’ magazine and I was pleasantlyContinue reading “Document Scotland Webinar | Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Kenny Farquharson”

Week 3 Reflection

Another week has now flown by and it started with that now familiar feeling of not really knowing where i’m going and hoping for some guidance in the webinar.  The week started by taking my camera to the local barbers with the idea to get a haircut, eat some biscuits and make a portrait whichContinue reading “Week 3 Reflection”

Contextual Research | Felicity McCabe

Today i watched the lecture with Felicity McCabe and on reflection I am really pleased that I was able to find the time as the last couple of days have been hectic to say the least. Monday 5th Oct I tested positive for COVID which meant great upheaval as I needed to quickly prepare remoteContinue reading “Contextual Research | Felicity McCabe”

Contextual Research | Project Development

At this stage of my football themed project I am used to feeling at odds with the concerns I had when embarking on the MA. Mainly due to lockdown and the impact of COVID, the disruption has been enormous in terms of exploring the theme non league football as the whole game grind to aContinue reading “Contextual Research | Project Development”

Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection  This week has been quite strange and varied. In contemplating the copyright case between Prince and Cariou, I always find it difficult to make judgements about such disagreements as I feel that both parties were able to present credible arguments with justified reasoning. Therefore I often feel that I run out ofContinue reading “Week 2 Reflection”