Week Six Reflection

Week Six Reflection  It has been a tough couple of weeks with regards to the module, as the COVID once again takes hold I decided to move quickly to make as much work as I could. Therefore I covered two football matches with the intent of reconnecting with my football past, taking photographs in aContinue reading “Week Six Reflection”

Week 5 Reflection

This week was somewhat of a reaction to the previous two weeks being in self isolation. Struggling at home when it seems like the outside world is carrying on as normal. Therefore this week was a very busy schedule with two football themed shoots planned, in addition to a fashion shoot for the Oxfam brief.Continue reading “Week 5 Reflection”

Week 4 Reflection

Week 4 Reflection  To say the week had been difficult is an understatement. Having tested positive for COVID at the beginning of the week I was unable to take any photographs to further my project. Having to self isolate, pull the children out of school and organise remote teaching for my A level students.  TheContinue reading “Week 4 Reflection”

Week 4: Forum – Your Market

Plan A I would like to enter the book and exhibition market in addition to working on editorial commissions. I keep entering competitions on the ‘Life Framer’ website and some type of recognition would be really helpful in establishing myself. I see myself engaging with personal projects and producing monograph style books. This has beenContinue reading “Week 4: Forum – Your Market”

Week 3 Reflection

Another week has now flown by and it started with that now familiar feeling of not really knowing where i’m going and hoping for some guidance in the webinar.  The week started by taking my camera to the local barbers with the idea to get a haircut, eat some biscuits and make a portrait whichContinue reading “Week 3 Reflection”

Contextual Research | Felicity McCabe

Today i watched the lecture with Felicity McCabe and on reflection I am really pleased that I was able to find the time as the last couple of days have been hectic to say the least. Monday 5th Oct I tested positive for COVID which meant great upheaval as I needed to quickly prepare remoteContinue reading “Contextual Research | Felicity McCabe”

Week 3: Forum – Art & Commerce

Since embarking on the MA my approach has developed significantly and it is causing nightmares in terms of my wedding photography business. My approach to taking wedding photos, I have three main themes which I need to satisfy to ensure that the people who book me are happy. The general rules I adhere to areContinue reading “Week 3: Forum – Art & Commerce”

Oxfam Brief: Meeting 1

Today I took part in a zoom meeting with my group to discuss ideas for the live brief task which is to promote ‘Second Hand September’ and Oxfam. Having done some initial research I contributed some ideas to the group which encompassed a socially engaged theme using the likes of Jenny Odell and Mandy BarkerContinue reading “Oxfam Brief: Meeting 1”

Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection  This week has been quite strange and varied. In contemplating the copyright case between Prince and Cariou, I always find it difficult to make judgements about such disagreements as I feel that both parties were able to present credible arguments with justified reasoning. Therefore I often feel that I run out ofContinue reading “Week 2 Reflection”

Week 1: Independent Reflection

The first week of the Sustainable Prospects module was one of acclimatising to the mindset of academia having had some time off. Over the break I didn’t create much work as I needed time to contemplate my project while considering the potential avenues I could explore further. The last module once again represented significant growthContinue reading “Week 1: Independent Reflection”