Week 7 | Amy Simmons Shoot

In response to the brief set by Amy Simmons, I decided to conduct a fashion shoot with the intention of demonstrating the intimacy between clothes and lifestyle of aspirational audiences in their twenties. 

In making environmental portraits I was able to establish a connection between people and place. Aiming for a cosmopolitan theme in addition to celebrating the heritage of the UK by photographing at a location with a range of historic buildings. 

In doing this, a European brand would be able to launch their campaign by celebrating Britishness and demonstrating an awareness of of contemporary British life within the target audience. 

The style I wanted to achieve was an echo of Rodney Smith who had an ethos of narrative and humour. Smith comments that he would make his own work when he had the shots he needed for the commission. He liked to experiment and was driven by the idea that he didn’t know what he was going to produce. The challenge for him was to respond to his surrounding in the moment. 

For this shoot I followed the ethos of Smith and treated the opportunity with a sense of total indulgence. 

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