Week 9 | One to One

Reflecting on a one to one is usually an extremely loaded experience, trying to remember the reams of feedback but this time was slightly different. I went into the meeting quietly confident that my WIPP encompassed much stronger work in a technical sense than in previous modules. I feel that the endless research is beginning to reward and my work is slowly maturing. I still pick faults in my work however the context of my decision making process has broadened significantly. Taking risks with portraits, getting slightly closer and experimenting had provided a renewed sense of excitement about the prospect of making work. Usually in these one to one I have a million questions and end up machine gunning stories about my experience. I didn’t feel that way in this meeting as I felt quite content about presenting and listening. Maybe still on a high from the Oxfam presentation yesterday. 

Within the feedback, it was useful to gain some insight into the sequencing of my work and it was a bit of a relief to be commended for some of my decision making. I was encouraged to think about the shape and typeface I might use in support of my portfolio submission. I found this useful as in unison with this, as leading into the FMP, I really should be engaging with presentation on a deeper level. Key observations from Colin were that  the work was modern, northern and working class. This is useful in planning further research into presentation and I will use this description to plan a route forward. The highlight of the meeting was the suggestion by Colin that he would run it in a newspaper. 

As a result, I am going to seek the thought of my peers on the course whilst adhering to my own feelings. I also sent the submission to my trusted friend on the course James Shenton who provided some feedback that resonates well.

The conclusions that Colin surmised about the work I presented led me to begin to consider the potential audience for my work if it were to be produced as a book. At this stage I have a number of thoughts regarding this although I wouldn’t consider my insight into this area particularly strong. 

Primary Audience 

Predominantly a male sophisticated group who take an active interest in football culture. Throughout the making of this work I have engaged with many non league football clubs who have a following of attendees which goes into the hundreds. In terms of selling books a POS approach would possibly work with some publicity prior to attending with copies of a book. 

Secondary Audience

The secondary audience may be women who have children involved in grassroots football who might pick up the book after purchase.


In recent months I have opened a dialogue with ADMPublishing who appear to be a small publisher of books. Their products are quite inexpensive but represent an opportunity to get published. My work may appeal to them as the theme of football has a global appeal which may lend itself to online sales. 

Grain Projects may also be an avenue for future opportunities. At present I don’t have a dialogue with them but I do intend to contact in the near future. 

I have also recently been contacted by a representative of ‘Turnstile Magazine’ who asked to use some of my photographs for their first magazine due to be published in 2021. I am currently unsure if this will make it to print but I am very much hoping so.

Magazine Front Cover of Turnstile Magazine using my image. Currently in design phase.

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