Week 1 | Forum – Research Methods

At present, my research is focussing on the development of my voice in terms of producing a personal monograph. To date I feel that I have struggled to produce a WIPP that really reflects my intentions. This has been the case in each module although I do feel that my practice has developed significantly throughout the course. I have begun to research photographers such as Paul Greham (The Great North Road) in addition to the likes of Alec Soth in order to cultivate a powerful voice which encapsulates a type of journey whether visually or philosophically. 

The entry point for my project had a general theme of the people, places and objects surrounding community football. This developed into the examination of how this theme was relatable to the relationship I had with my father who passed in 2015. 

Contextual research will continue to highlight opportunities to create metaphors and cohesion whether that is within the football theme or not. When producing work I will endeavour to continue to utilise observations in much more detail, having the confidence to believe in the quieter work I produce as opposed trying to illustrate my development. 

When considering photographers, I find the work of Mandy Barker interesting. Visualising marine plastic debris. Barker collects images from participants from sources across the world, using them to produce aesthetic montages . Baker states of her work 

‘combining a contradiction between initial aesthetic attraction along with the subsequent message of awareness.’ 

The research methodologies of archiving found objects’ provides authenticity whilst enriching the work by making important statements about the environment. The project ‘Penalty’ could be broadly linked to my football themed project in addition to the climate change briefs. Barker used images of footballs to create montages as seen in the example below. 

This work Emphasises the beauty of human creativity in addition to human carelessness. The result is anxious raising.

Mandy Barker | Penalty 2015

My second example is a socially engaged project based around the fans of Liverpool football club with the intention of archiving fan memories. Case cites a fan on the website “The best way to look at our club is through the eyes of the fans.”  I find this idea particularly interesting because I am able to identify with the culture and assets collected and fear that items such as physical snapshots/photographs are becoming something of the past. Similar to family albums, I still enjoy looking through albums and find photographs with familiarity intriguing, much the same as family photographs taken before I was born. Understanding that this is how ‘something once was.’ 

Fan Image from the project Red

The concept represents an idea I would be interested in pursuing with the team that I follow although probably post MA.

Barker, M (2014) Penalty [Online] Available at: https://www.mandy-barker.com  (Accessed 20th Sept 2020)

Case, E (2018) Red [Online] Available at: https://theredarchive.org/about (Accessed 21st Sept 2020)

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