Shoot | The M60 and the Mersey

Continuing on from the last module where my work focussed on the production of a monograph which visualises the relationship I had with my Father who passed in 2015.

This project had evolved from a football theme into a self exploration of my own thoughts, feelings and grief. Whilst reflecting on what I’d learned since my last submission, my contemplation headed towards trying to understand my Fathers background.

Adopted from a young age as a result of his Mothers early passing soon after his birth, I never really considered how this may have affected his outlook on life. I knew that he was self reliant and wise in coping with the struggles of life. He was popular and could make people laugh with ease, however I also understood that he lacked a sense of belonging.

Working as a taxi driver mostly on nights, his working life was often isolated and dark. Travelling in his black cab when most of the world was sleeping in their safe place.

It was this which made me think about the places we often see but don’t notice. The spaces between the town centre and the community.

The town of Stockport is situated around seven miles South of Manchester City centre. It is well served by the river Mersey, M60 motorway and less less than two hours away from London by rail.

My intention with this shoot was to explore some of the areas that sit next to these transport links as a visual metaphor of my thoughts about my father. Well connected but unloved and outside the vernacular bubble of the family unit.

I approached this trip without really having any specific ideas about what I was looking for whilst at the same time having a feeling that it was the right place to visit.

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