Reflecting on my Work

As I in the process of warming to the subject of photography and deepening my understanding of how to read an image I am drawn to the idea of the work of Barthez with particular reference to the idea of a ‘Punctum’ and a ‘Studium’.

Summer 2018 I attended a gig at Edgeley Park, Stockport to watch local band The Blossoms. This event was quite important for the town as it was the first large scale music gig to take place certainly in my lifetime. It was an event where the town took centre stage in conjunction with the bands.

To provide context, the headline act (The Blossoms) often encompass the town and various landmarks in their music videos and their signature greeting at their gigs is ‘We’re the Blossoms from Stockport’.

The night the town celebrated the band and the band celebrated the town.

The collection of images above are a combination of polite interest some of which contain the presence of a punctum, how powerful I feel needs further scrutiny.

The idea of Cartier Bresson who advocated the idea that if your photos aren’t good enough then you are not close enough I feel have some relevance also as I made a conscious effort to get close to subjects although there was an element of fortune about how I found myself in position to compose such images.

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