Reddish North End

Following on from my previous post surrounding a football and community theme I visited a local grass roots football club called Reddish North End. The club has many volunteers and serves Reddish and surrounding areas including the Manchester suburb of gorton which is home to a diverse community with high levels of poverty.

Upon speaking to some of the volunteers I explained my project and secured access at later dates to explore the motivations of the people who occupy this space. Upon speaking to John Hargreaves who is the club CEO and chairman I was surprised to learn that he doesn’t actually like football.

Away from making photographs I have found the work of Roy Clarke interesting, his depictions of groups of people engaged in the social ritual of watching football are interesting in terms of repetition, colour and identity. His work enables him to turn spectators into subjects within environments that are often interesting and of their period.

I am certain that within my project I will travel a similar route in exploring spectatorship in further depth within my work although I intend to explore personal motivations for their investment of time.

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