Tuesday Night Football

Whilst considering my research project and potential ideas I find myself having lots of elaborate ideas which imitate a broad range of photographers however the burden of appropriateness in relation to a particular context is proving difficult to pin down.

As a response and having reflected on my interests I felt that following a football theme would be an interesting direction however the obvious idea of sports photography doesn’t really appeal and I don’t really see it as a sustainable project.

Going forward I intend to pursue the football theme and I am motivated to do this by exploring the motivations of people who surround the game outside the commodified and commercial sphere.

Throughout this project I will speak to invested participants such as volunteers, parents, fans and players and ask them about their motivations and the impact football has on their life.

I expect to be confronted by themes such as community, mental health and friendship amongst others. I will initially occupy spaces such as community football clubs and non league football grounds in addition to following persons who emerge as interesting with regards to the expected themes highlighted above.

This is the first shoot within this project where I attended a football match between Trafford and Stockport County. I felt that this would be a good starting point as I have represented both clubs and have very fond memories of both.

Trafford FC is particularly interesting as it is one of the closest football clubs to Manchester United. This may be interesting in exploring ideas of community as opposed commercialisation although at this stage I understand this is a vague statement.

A Mild Tuesday Evening at Trafford FC.

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