Oxfam Brief | Meeting with Anna-Maria Pfab

I felt that victoria who has assumed the role of learer did a good job in explaining the idea, and it was me with enthusiasm by Anna who suggested looking at the work of Z Nelson and Michelle Sank. This was useful and quite exciting as I would welcome the opportunity to make work ofContinue reading “Oxfam Brief | Meeting with Anna-Maria Pfab”

Stockport County V Chorley

The first visit to Edgeley Park with a camera, the approach for this shoot was to encompass further landscape/wide shots in addition to the documentary approach which has been used at other shoots within the early stages of this project. Although a less ambitious approach to the shoot it was useful to engage with theContinue reading “Stockport County V Chorley”

Reddish North End | Training Night

As a mechanism for developing my project based around the non commercial spaces where football takes place I decided to turn my camera towards the under 15s football team that I coach. To say that they are an interesting group is an understatement however they all turn up often in freezing conditions to train forContinue reading “Reddish North End | Training Night”

The American Dream

When faced with the challenge of thinking about my own research proposal and the task of thinking about the audience for my work and my motivations and objectives. I found this documentary useful in developing my understanding of the task of writing a proposal. Watching the documentary I was interested in the idea that LaurenContinue reading “The American Dream”

Melancholy Objects

Reflecting on the reading of Sontag, On Photography, I was inspired by the assessment of the relevance of Lewis Hine and his documentary work on the slums and working conditions of children. Around a decade ago I visited Montreal in Canada to meet the Scottish/Canadian branch of my family. It was a monumental trip especiallyContinue reading “Melancholy Objects”