Taking Stock | Portraits

This week has consisted of continuing to edit the audio recordings from the interviews that I’ve been conducting. Until recently I’d been editing using the audio channels in adobe premiere. This was ok for a while, however as the interviews mount up it became increasingly difficult to handle all of the recordings in terms of working with multiple channels and being able to visualise the clips on a timeline. Therefore I downloaded adobe audition which is professional podcast making software. Having familiarised myself with the workspace I was able to set up a multitrack session which was beneficial as the software provides clear channels to import edit and recording. Being able to see each recording in a colour coded channel enabled the organisation of the audio. Once imported I was able to set about editing each interview, removing any unnecessary conversations and interruptions. I was then able to raise the volume of each interview before figuring out how to reduce background noise. Having acquired the knowledge of this software I was able to significantly speed up my workflow which is useful as I had spent long periods of time feeling as though as was making little progress.

Adobe Audition with Edited Audio

At this stage I have a number of separate interviews that have been edited down to what I feel is the most relevant. My next task will be to export each interview as a single text before uploading to a publishing platform. In the past I have uploaded audio to sound-cloud however having had some initial success in embedding the audio into my CRJ, I now realise that this isn’t always the case. I am also unsure of the accessibility from mobile devices however I will continue with sound cloud until I find a better option. Another avenue will be to couple the interviews with images and upload to youtube however I’m not sure the audience experience would be enriched by such an approach. Having a twenty minute piece of audio is a long time for a viewer to look at one to three images. I am conscious of the need to develop methods of dissemination and this approach may represent progress although not appropriate for final presentation.

At the top of the page is a collection of the portraits I have taken thus far. Now that I have made work I find it personally beneficial to continue to look at the photographs. As my relationship with the work matures I find that my relationship changes and I am able to see where I have developed in addition to identifying problems I have in relation to my DNA as a photographer. I’m quite pleased with some of the vantage points and I am able to see the benefit of shooting with a 35mm prime lens and I’m warming to working at this focal length as opposed to shooting a zoom lens at 24mm.

Going forward I would like to begin to make work in locations outside of the home, possibly the work place although this may make future work look more commercial. I’m not sure if this is a danger as it might insert a commercial appeal however a consequence may be the work becomes less intimate. Having identified this quandary a task will be to take the work outside home whilst retaining a sense of intimacy.

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