Project Review | Dinu Li

Really useful session where Dinu commended the sequencing of my work suggesting I have a talent in this area which was unexpected as I feel it is an area I struggle with.

He also challenged the use of the black pages, when I explained that they were illustrative of the participants suicide attempt he understood the idea and suggested I try to further the idea in some capacity. Phil Hill suggested making the adjacent page black. an idea I thought useful.

Dinu described my use of graphic design careless which I accept on this occasion as my intention was to seek feedback on size and structure of the sequence of images.

Dinu also suggested that the project would work as a zine due to the lack of graphic design. This was interesting as I felt the project was more suited to being a book as its nature of being a type of memorial.

I received excellent feedback on the quality of the portraits, Dinu was very complimentary of a number of them, finally, he spoke of the presence of the cotton mill which is in two of the photographs. He suggested that it should occur more in the project.

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