Skills Building | Adobe Dimension

As the FMP module continues I am continually on the search for self improvement and perhaps the most difficult area to find development is the area of dissemination. To date I have researched areas such as the importance of books in addition to using soundcloud as an outlet for my interviews.

I will in the near future begin to design my proposed product in the form of a newspaper however the prospect of learning a new skill in the form of 3D design is a prospect that I find somewhat exciting. The quandary I have faced in the past is understanding my passions and limitations. My experience in a recent interview for the position of a photography teacher in a sixth form college taught me that I’m not an art teacher which is problematic in my current employment as I see myself as a hybrid teacher of photography and media as opposed to photography and art. I recognise that I do have gaps in learning in traditional processes, I continually work to rectify this and have taught myself how to develop film throughout this module.

In assessing my interests and personal goals, I will continue to develop projects using medium format however of late I begun to experiment with Adobe Dimension. The reason for doing this is the intention of ultimately creating an online exhibition. Having watched a number of tutorials I was able to produce a basic example of a mounted photograph. Although it looks quite simple, the process of lining up the elements was quite difficult initially. However, having produced the asset below I now have a starting point to continue the development. I will document this process in short posts such as these as my online exhibition space takes shape.

Adobe Dimension Development

In order to produce these assets I experimented with creating shapes, adjusting their size and density.

Adobe Dimension | Rendered Assets

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