ASFC Micro Teach

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Post Interview

Unfortunately I wasn’t successful in my interview which has left me with a feeling of disappointment and a blow to my confidence. The position was the first photography teaching position I’d ever applied for as my current position is teaching media. And I take some solace for making the shortlist from over seventy applicants. However, now a couple of days after the event I feel the need to compose this response as a method of making sense of the experience as there are a number of small observations I need to record for my own progression.

Competitors: It was interesting to meet a number of art and photography teachers and at an early stage I felt very different. As the teacher from a media background, my practice hasn’t been about having a huge portfolio in a traditional artistic sense. It did worry me that the other applicants arrived with huge portfolios, sketch books and so forth. All applicants had an MA in an artistic discipline which technically rendered me a little short as I’m still studying. I did feel that my moving image background and technical skill with editing would have set me apart but not in this case. In order to respond positively to this I think I would benefit from building a traditional portfolio as opposed to web links.

Micro Teach Session

I was aware that the session I had planned was focussed on looking at the digital world of photography. I wasn’t worried by this and I felt that the session was underpinned with justification and intention in addition to drawing on the work of Eggleston and Alex Webb. Therefore I felt I had some historical philosophies in addition to the progressive approach of Jenny Odell. The session itself went very well and students seemed to be engaged and interested as the feedback below would suggest.

Feedback from Students

Going Forward

As I have been making work for the FMP and now at a stage where I have a range of work in addition to a number of podcasts I now have a range of text and image. I now need to look at methods of dissemination for sending to interested parties as well as creating a document that will serve as a personal document to help progress my own future.

Future Tasks

Produce a hand made book of my project.

Continue to practice in the dark room.

Look at my previous work and put them into a form of presentation.

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