Shoot 11 | Daffodils

In pursuit of the development of my project I felt that I needed an extra element to support the portrait and documentary work that I have been producing. In response I felt that a pertinent way to experiment would be in the direction of imagery of flowers, mainly daffodils. I have some good reasons for this, firstly. My motivation for challenging the theme of male mental health was due to the loss of three friends within a week in March 2020, one of which part of my extended family. All to suicide or preventable actions. This provoked a very powerful response from the local community with many choosing daffodils to represent the people in their thoughts.

As a result, whether it works as a project or not I am currently unsure however as I am very much emotionally invested with my project it did seem a natural destination to explore. Having sought feedback on the initial idea my peers commented that the use of floral elements offers a sense of fragility and metaphor for mental health which will possibly work as a binary opposite to the stereotype of men being strong.

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