Week 3: Independent Reflection

In considering the intertextuality within my I work I was initially a little unsure and no obvious influences came to mind. My response was to ask my partner who is also studying a degree in photography. Her response was ‘thats easy… Shane Meadows!’. I was initially surprised by her response as although a fan of the film makers work some years ago and being from a background of moving image. I wouldn’t have suggested that myself. I promptly opened up the laptop and began to research the work of Meadows and within minutes of google image searching. The similarities were uncanny (Freud, 1919, p.132).

The clear influence of Shane meadows cinematography on my own practice provoked reflective thoughts which go back some years onto the use of leading lines and dilapidated structures often depicted in his films. However, although I accept this with regard to some elements of my work. I was surprised in respect of the portraits I have recently been creating. Barker (2008, p. 482) states in respect of intertextuality ‘The accumulation and generation of meaning across texts, where all meanings depend on other meanings. The self conscious citation of one text within another as an expression of enlarged cultural self consciousness.’ The ideas of Barker may be relevant in this case with respect of citation of texts within texts and the echoes of Meadows within my own work which is clear from the examples provided. However, Barkers idea that intertextuality is based on the ‘self conscious citation’ is one that I would challenge in this case. The influence of Meadows in my portrait selections was certainly not within my known consciousness. This may lead to the influence in a sub conscious sense which I don’t profess to understand in any great detail. However the echoes are definitely there and as a result of the suggestion of my partner Joanne I accept the intertextual references in my work.

Barker, Chris (2008) Cultural Studies London: Sage

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