Online Gallery

When producing my online gallery I was mindful that I wanted to have total control over the size and shape of the photographs aligning with what Flusser (2000) describes as the pursuit of freedom against everyday technology. I decided to format my work on a white background using photoshop. I feel this is necessary to confer the importance of the work while providing a different visual experience to online audiences. I have also utilised this on instagram on both my commercial and personal account.

These images aren’t in sequence however the completed online gallery and other assets can be found here.

Flusser, V. (2000) Towards a Philosophy of Photography. Reaktion Books, London.

One thought on “Online Gallery

  1. Hey Drew, Great work here, we are looking for contributors to our platform “Equal Sports” would be great to have a chat, please drop me a quick email if you are interested and we can set up a call. thanks Richard


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