Portfolio Review | Dr Gary Bratchford

As a trustee and curator at the Open Eye Gallery I felt that Gary would be a useful person to seek feedback. Knowing his writing from a number of community, socially engaged projects I sought his comments to see how I could further my work.

He suggested that I needed a method to piece the work together in order to illustrate the research journey. I felt this was a useful comment as Colin Pantall suggested, Gary is alluding to the synthesis of working class vernacular and the mental health theme. He also asked the question of ‘why medium format’ which is a question relating to my position as a functionary while preserving or recognising the past in addition to a sense of my own therapy.

An observation that was really interesting was his suggestion that it could be a show or a play of some description. This was a very interesting observation and would open up the possibility of disseminating my work as a slide show or a film of some description.

In conclusion I feel that it would be beneficial to explore the possibility of making the project into a short film/slideshow of some description. The major challenge I face in doing this is going back through the hours of audio in order to produce a cohesive narrative.

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