Shoot 18 | Medium Format

As a result of my latest conversation with Laura and having time to reflect. I decided to take the risk and set about shooting my project again only this time using an old Bronica ERRSi that I found in the store room at the college where I work.

The first set of photographs below are the proper exposures which would be potentially usable. The camera did jam and I lost shots as a consequence. What strikes me about working with this technology is the care required to make work effectively. As i’m used to working digital in a fast paced environment, I now work in the opposite way. Soft, taking my time with high levels of consideration before firing the shutter.

When shooting my philosophy starts with the idea of Eggleston who places a subject in the centre of a frame with the tension reverberating outwards. Beyond this I look for arrangement, with leading lines and multiple openings as used by the likes of Shore.

Finally, I am aware of Hoggart when he describes the northern working class vernacular a mass of concrete with greenery used in vacant corners and spaces. When thinking about narrative, I am justifying this approach with Barthes in mind when speaks of discourse and narrative.

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